Flying Nun contest

Russell Brown is having a Flying Nun Moments contest on Public Address System. Har – did you ever spend ages remembering and writing about your fun-filled FN memories and then forget to proof read it before you posted it on a really happening forum read by a whole lot of people you admire? Me too. I even left out the one about meeting Hamish, the Sale of the Century / Mastermind winner at a Garageland show in London. Damn.
Here’s mine:

1. Getting Alister Parker to sign my Swervedriver T-shirt after Bailter Space played Gurus. He thought it was funny, I thought he’d had definitely had one or two whiskeys.
2. 3Ds at Ward Lane Tavern – a great band at a great venue.
3. King Loser supporting the Verlaines in the Lounge Bar at Mount Maunganui Tavern. Bizzare venue, but we did get to play air hockey between sets.
4. Driving up to the 10th anniversary concert @ the Powerstation. I got a really cool (actually shit) hooded long sleeve t-shirt that I then wore every day for the next year.
5. Dave Yetton offering the crowd beers at a JPSE show at the Riv. Me mate yelled “WHAT A WANKER” when we missed out, and Dave totally got the wrong end of the stick. (sorry Dave, I loved ‘Blow Out Your Candles’, though)
6. Bailter Space at the Riv. We showed up at about 9.30 to see them already on stage. Luckily they were only sound checking, and they didn’t come on til at least 12. Rock n Roll eh.
7. Going to see JPSE at the Hilly, and getting booted out for being underage before they’d even played a note. Real sickener.
8. Going to see Straightjacket Fits at the Hilly the week of the “eye-gouge” Waikato v Otago NPC final, and Shayne Carter hassling John Mitchell for being bald, which caused Flying Nun cool kid / Mighty Mooloo Man identity crisis for weeks afterward.
9. Seeing Snapper at Oranga, and thinking they were the loudest band I’ve ever seen.
10. My friend and I racing home from school on our bikes to listen to his brother’s DoubleHappys Needles and Plastic EP – then leaving it on the record player in the sun. Cue irreparable warpage, and World War feckin Three when he found it. I always felt really guilty about wrecking a pretty rare bit of vinyl, and almost bought him the re-issued CD… I’m sure he’s over it now.