Sport Review is a New Zealand sport newsletter by Richard Irvine.

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About this website was one of New Zealand’s original sport blogs – I recommend starting with the greatest hits, or these posts from the site’s ten year anniversary in 2014. There’s some good stuff there.

The Sport Review blog started in 2004, and has been a sporadic stream of cartoons, satire, ‘analysis’ and more.

The Sport Review newsletter got underway in early 2018 (here’s what I wrote about it at the time), and has been the focus since then.

About the writer

I’m a fan that loves sport, but also the culture and humour that comes with it. There’s no drama like sporting drama, all that.

My teams are the Blackcaps, Tottenham Hotspur, All Blacks, Chiefs and Waikato and Northern Districts.

And New Zealand at whatever sport they’re playing at the time.

I don’t follow American sport much, but quite like the Oakland Athletics,  76ers and the Raiders.

I mainly look like this:

All feedback, freebie tickets or food gratefully accepted at richard (at) sportreview dot net dot nz, without the spaces and that, you’ll work it out.

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