Arsenal v Barca thoughts

Yep it was time to dust off the duvet for another Champs League final – although the muppets on Radio Sport reckoned there were 100 or so fans in The Blue Stone Room at 6 this morning. Here’s the thoughts from the couch before all that coffee wears off.

– The ref should have left Lehmenn on and let the goal stand. I bet he felt stupid for blowing hastily, and a real shame for the neutrals to have an 11 v 10 match with 20 minutes gone.
– Spurs fans everywhere obviously delighted for big Sol to score in big match after having goal disallowed in WC 98. *Sarcasm detector goes nuts and eventually explodes. Smoke everywhere*
– Ronaldinho disappointing – more flicks than a 1st XV shower room but no end product at all. Great smile though.
– Henry never recovered from THAT miss in the third minute. He spent the last half not running at all, and arguing with Wenger. He’d be farking frustrating to play with – he only makes runs for himself.
– From Spurs point of view – still have the same number of European Cups as the Arse.
– From Arse point of view – must keep Henry, even if he’s crap in the big games.
– As for the theory that UK football fans should support UK teams in finals – I cheered on Arsenal in the 93 Cup Winners Cup final – only to see Arse fans singing ‘Are you watching Tottenham?’ in the celebrations. Bollocks to ’em.
– Blogger’s spellcheck suggestion for Ronaldinho is ‘Remolding’. Honestly.

Update: Video highlights of the match from N17.


I didn’t recognise you without your chainsaw…

Possum turned up at Eden Park on Saturday night. Normally busy threatening Waikato Stadium with his chainsaw from the relative safety of a cherry picker bucket, he appeared in the South Stand in the second half to mingle with his public.

It was like the Pope turning up in a Dublin bar, within seconds he was offered a beer (which he took in a flash), had shook everyone’s hand, and posed for photos (You’re Possum! I love you!) with his fans. And then he was gone.

In this day and age of professional rugby, where the Blues have a (feckin)Pirate running around Eden Park (because the market research says you just gotta have a mascot, the target demographic LOVES mascots), it’s nice to know crazed fans like Possum are around.

Now Waikato just need to go back to the two-man-pantomine-horse-style Mooloo, then I’ll be happy.

Pantheon of Legends

My work is having a competition to decorate your desk in the colors of your favorite Super 14 team. Here’s mine, I’m going for the short on effort, long on imagination approach, which will either win me all the money or feck all.