2008’s ‘Better people make better All Blacks’ workshops

Fashion 101: Beyond the polo shirt

‘Staying humble on six figures’ Workshop

XBox Fit

The leadership group – 10 reasons they’re not out to get you

Why you can eye-gouge All Blacks in the Super 14, but not in the breakfast queue Q+A

Clinic: Sobbing quietly on the bench away from the camera’s prying eyes

You’re no Carlos:  Appreciating the short back ‘n’ sides with Grant Fox

Links on Friday

Having grown up near Te Rapa Straight, one of our great impromptu race-tracks I can confirm that the ‘Tron is NZ’s rightful home of barely-legal street car action, so it’s only fair to hand the mean streets over to the pros for the weekend. Good luck to everyone heading to the V8s, and go the Chiefs

Everyone remembers that Colombian goalkeeper’s Scorpian save at Wembley – but can you score like that? Bloody oath

Alex Higgins is Snooker’s George Best, with outrageous talent at sport and the booze

Southampton turn into Brazil all of a sudden and Kev scores a wonder-goal – only to be ruled out. Robbed

Mitchell and Webb are really funny

Links on Friday

Who doesn’t love own goals? Lee Dixon’s was number one with me for a long time, but now, there’s a new own goal sheriff in town – what a beauty. Fully THREE head in hands, and TWO knee sinks from the scorers’ team-mates. Magic

When ball-boys attack

Soupy Norman is a dodgy Polish soap dubbed over by Irish comedians – yes, it’s that good

You want bacon? Then how about a Bacon Cheese Baconburger? Breakfast, lunch and dinner would be nice

All Black World Cups in six words

Sportsfreak and the Dropkicks are all over six word stories. Let it never be said sportreview.net.nz is afraid of borrowing others’ ideas, so here’s my six word stories of New Zealand’s Rugby World Cup campaigns.

1987 – Kirwin beats fifteen. Win, never again.

1991 – Grizz and Hart – who’d have thought?

1995 – Lomu! Lomu! Don’t drink the coffee!

1999 – Adidas, painted jet, fail to ease pain.

2003 – Can Carlos take his chance? No.

2007 – Rest, reconditioning and rotation really wrong.

Links on Friday

Pure gold from Pulp Sport – Chris Martin (test average 2.55) brings you his Learn to Bat dvd. He’s just so serious.

Smug Shots is people, usually pissed, going up to footballers, usually in a bar or airport, and having their photo taken. That reminds me, I must dig out that photo of me with Glenn Osbourne.

Let’s face it – ten pin bowling isn’t cool, unless you’re The Dude. It’s all corporate team building and weird shoes smelling of watered down disinfectant and that. If I was going have a go, though, I’d be wanting to do something like this.

If you’re like me and spend all day in an office, you may enjoy Whack Your Boss. Disclaimer – I don’t want to whack MY boss. Annoy – yes. Whack – No.

Paris-Roubaix wrecks men and bikes

The Classics season of one day races is underway in Europe, with the Paris-Roubaix coming up next weekend. Paris-Roubaix is dubbed ‘the hell of the north’, lasting 260KM over several sections of cobblestones, with mud spraying in the rider’s faces all day. It’s as much a test of equipment as heart, with modern roadbikes and tyres struggling to stay in one piece on the cobbles.

Check out this video of Lance Armstrong’s then-Discovery team mate George Hincape’s attempt to win the 2002 Paris-Roubaix against four riders from the rival Domo team (thanks, Belgium Knee Warmers).

Sounds great, huh? Wouldn’t mind getting up at some godforsaken hour to check it out, huh? Sky have four sport channels, they must have SOME kind of coverage, huh?

Youtube it is, then.