Incredibly Profitable League

– I’m officially getting behind the Royal Bangalore Challengers. I didn’t really follow the IPL last year, so no doubt someone’s going to tell me they’re the Yankees or  Man Utd of the competition, but if Jesse and Ross are playing, that’s good enough for me.

– Still, there were no early Black Cap fire works this year. Oram top scored for the Kiwis with eight, while Jesse and Taylor got ducks. Jake did do a great job with the dog, though.

– JRod has kindly previewed all the teams so I didn’t have to – here’s his Royals run-down.

–’s IPL t-shirts are still available and taking up valuable hall space I usually use for trips to the loo and emergency exits and that. Buy Now.

IPL franchise CEO wakes up with hangover, Nathan Bracken

SRPA: Ever woken up racked with dread, wondering what you did last night? Bangalore franchise CEO Charu Sharma can empathise. He woke up this morning with a mind numbing hangover. And Nathan Bracken.

“What have I done?” said Sharma, after a prolonged bout of moaning and finding a cool, damp towel for his forehead. “Last thing I remember was enjoying the canapes and a little wine in reception. Next thing I have this guy in a headband sitting in my hotel room. What a horrible, horrible situation.”

An clearly tired and emotional Sharma bid $325,000 USD in last night’s Indian Premier League player auction, picking up Bracken unopposed while shouting “The headband! I want the headband! Hahahahahahahaaa!” After some strong black coffee Sharma was looking on the bright side this morning. “I guess I can use him. Fielding at cow corner. Shoring up an end. Mowing my lawn. Everyone’s good at something.”