Links on Friday

If you’re not drunk and sleepy after the Rugby, team, stay up to watch Le Tour’s final time trial – it’s all going to be sorted out then. Meanwhile, spare a thought for this poor bugger.

Every football team will be playing football in various combinations. More Mitchell and Webb.

Political types – check out what actual fishermen thought of John Key’s Gone Fishin’ appearance. FYI John (if you’re reading), no-one wears brand new Auckland Blues jerseys to go fishing, or brand new All Blacks sweatshirts apres fish. Those were dead giveaways.

Yacht Rock.

Links on Friday

Can Piswiddle win the ashes? – Mitchell and Webb cricketing stupidity ahoy

Some guy wandering around booting footballs into places he shouldn’t, brilliantly.

Little Gary Neville takes life awfully seriously – here he is refusing to shake hands with old mate Peter Schmichael, who went to play for the other guys. He doesn’t look too bothered, though.

Photoshop comp – Unpopular movie-based video games. Har.

Links on Friday

Having grown up near Te Rapa Straight, one of our great impromptu race-tracks I can confirm that the ‘Tron is NZ’s rightful home of barely-legal street car action, so it’s only fair to hand the mean streets over to the pros for the weekend. Good luck to everyone heading to the V8s, and go the Chiefs

Everyone remembers that Colombian goalkeeper’s Scorpian save at Wembley – but can you score like that? Bloody oath

Alex Higgins is Snooker’s George Best, with outrageous talent at sport and the booze

Southampton turn into Brazil all of a sudden and Kev scores a wonder-goal – only to be ruled out. Robbed

Mitchell and Webb are really funny