Links on Friday

Remember that time Cullen lost the ball over the line? At least he’s not this guy.  He knows, even in mid-air, the people in green inflatable hats are going to be very disappointed with him. The words you, utter, utter and penis spring to mind

There’s little doubt Peter Schmeichel is a deeply complicated man – amazing saves one minute, hilarious Manc-accented rapping about bacon with, bizarrely, a Robert Palmer-style entourage the next

That insane-jumpered Nelson Bays guy gets bowled over. He knows he’ll never hear the end of it from the instant it happens. He’s smiling, but he’s not happy

Holy. Crap. Cup stacking is fully my new favorite sport

Links on Friday

Who doesn’t love own goals? Lee Dixon’s was number one with me for a long time, but now, there’s a new own goal sheriff in town – what a beauty. Fully THREE head in hands, and TWO knee sinks from the scorers’ team-mates. Magic

When ball-boys attack

Soupy Norman is a dodgy Polish soap dubbed over by Irish comedians – yes, it’s that good

You want bacon? Then how about a Bacon Cheese Baconburger? Breakfast, lunch and dinner would be nice

Roman Abramovich wishes you merry Xmas

In December even a cruel, ruthless Russian overlord’s mind turns to seasonal merriment. We Abramovichs celebrate Christmas like all of you. Only this morning I hunted reindeer from my chopper with agent orange, and on Christmas eve we’ll enjoy dwarfs re-enacting the film ‘300’ in the drawing room to peals of children’s laughter.It’s a time of reflection on a year of great achievement. The first act of The Special One Mourinho’s elimination is complete. The second act will come as soon as The Pit Of Ducks With Shark’s Teeth is ready and the ‘Armani Sale’ sign is installed outside. My experimental giant toad cadaver / voice box hybrid was installed as head coach, and my cleaner made Avram’s episode with the journalist and the industrial bacon slicer go away quickly. 2008 will see deployment of my chloroform impregnated Chelsea scarves with ezi-garrote action, and my finest hour will soon be at hand.

I wish you the best for 2008. Be you my friend, you will die quickly, with an absolute minimum of stabbing. Be you my enemy… your face will soon be familiar with the ground, repeatedly and from very high up. Good health!

Links on Friday

Villa’s Martin O’Neil, pop picker extraordinaire, telling Robbie Williams what for – classic, it’s like being told off by a senile old science teacher
Wayne Rooney meets Dirty Sanchez – the Welsh jackass imitators that are ten times funnier. That can’t be his house…?
Touch The Rainbow – great tv ad for Skittles. Wish I could do this with a nice bacon sandwich
All You Had To Say Was ‘Owen Wilson Befriends A Dolphin’ And I Was Sold – that’s how it gets done, team

Links on Friday

George Gregan’s ‘Four more years’ call – we’ll miss this little guy alright
It’s all about the bike – forget blood transfusion – the Tour De France is all about beautiful machines. Check out this gallery of the prologue time trial bikes
Bacon Vodka – I’m as happy as the time I found a bacon peanut butter sandwich in London one time. Now that’s respecting both the pig and the peanut
The Darjeeling Limited trailer– Wes Anderson’s new movie. Good to see Owen Wilson back with Wes

Links on Friday (on Thursday)

Warney retrospective – some early wickets here
First 90 days – I’m starting a new job next week, and Rands, possibly the sharpest blogger in the world comes in with typically wise advice
What does 200 calories look like? – Worryingly, all my favourite stuff is at the bottom of this list, at the ‘really bad’ end. Peanut Butter! Bacon! M&Ms! Who knew?
B3ta image challenge – 2007 obituaries
Jason Kottke’s best links of 2006 – hours of holiday reading if you’ve run out of books already
Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly Why? Because you’re Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly… (Aussie band Smudge do an awesome version of this)