Links on Friday

Pure gold from Pulp Sport – Chris Martin (test average 2.55) brings you his Learn to Bat dvd. He’s just so serious.

Smug Shots is people, usually pissed, going up to footballers, usually in a bar or airport, and having their photo taken. That reminds me, I must dig out that photo of me with Glenn Osbourne.

Let’s face it – ten pin bowling isn’t cool, unless you’re The Dude. It’s all corporate team building and weird shoes smelling of watered down disinfectant and that. If I was going have a go, though, I’d be wanting to do something like this.

If you’re like me and spend all day in an office, you may enjoy Whack Your Boss. Disclaimer – I don’t want to whack MY boss. Annoy – yes. Whack – No.