Links on Friday

Cartman introduces the University of Colorado starting line up – this is great. There ought to be more obnoxious cartoons introducing teams. We DO have Stu Wilson, I suppose
Grandstand fight – Super smooth Des Lynham carries on like a pro despite handbags ensuing in the background
Shortest hockey fight ever? – some very swift work there. There’s been a lot of fighting in me links lately
The erotic appeal of a Land’s End catalouge – this is just really well written. Heh

Links on Friday (on Sunday)

– I miss Soccer AM – Saturdays just aren’t the same without a soul-sapping hangover and football related hilarity – check these out.
– The more I think about it, Ajax may be my ‘other’ team. Cruyff. Van Basten. Nice football. Cool kit. Dutch. Stuff like this. What’s not to like?
– A Dan Carter conversion straight out of Sensing Murder
– I’m listening to CCR lately. If you haven’t heard Ramble Tamble. Have a listen, it’s the most rockin’ song of all time, don’t you know.

World Championship Netball tournament concludes; crowd fails to notice

Australia left Waitakere Arena with the Netball World Championship trophy late on Saturday night. The colorful crowd, many of them wearing costumes and outlandish objects on their heads, is still singing along to the PA in the otherwise empty stadium. “Come on, Silver Ferns, you can do it!” said one fan. “Well, crocodile rocking is something shocking, when your feet just can’t keep still” explained another. “Sitting around an empty stadium singing fits seamlessly into our target market’s lifestyle.” said Netball NZ Marketing Manager Jacinda Severebrows. “Sure, they love top-class Netball, but throw in Van Morrison at 110 db… that’s a total entertainment package unprecedented in New Zealand.”

Links on Friday

Manchester City News – the more I watch this, the more hilarious it becomes. And the more I worry about my lack of humour development since age 12
Sportsfreak on Michael Hussey – they’re right, you know, he’s boring his way into history
Stephen Fry’s Dork Talk – everyone’s fav foppish wordsmith is a Mac guy, and he’s writing a gadget review column for the Guardian. Who would have thought?
Norman Mailer fight – here’s a bizarre scene from his improvisational movie Maidstone where Rip Torn decides to take artistic direction into his own hands. Mailer died this week

Bracewell to Proteas: this humiliation not as humiliating as previous humiliations

Black Caps’ coach John Bracewell was in a defiant mood today, telling a post match press conference South Africa would have to do better than utterly crush the Black Caps by 358 runs to truly humiliate them. “We’ve been humiliated by some of the greats – Australia, the West Indies, Pakistan… you really have to take us to bits until we’re rocking back and forth on the shower floor, shivering ‘cos the water went cold three days ago to be considered a great team. South Africa still have work ahead of them to join that club”.

According to Bracewell, the Proteas’ unopposed romp through the Kiwi top order does not mark this humiliation out as anything special. “It’s been done. Steyn’s ten wickets is a point of interest but compare that with bowling us out for 26 – which one sticks in the memory? You need to improve the balance with the batting – Inzamam scored more runs on his own in 2002 than our whole team, for example. They’d want to destroy one of the youngsters’ sprit to the extent they give up the game completely, for example.”

Bracewell says South Africa’s attempt to improve on this attempted humiliation will create interest in the rest of the series. “We’ll have more guys out injured and be reeling after an evening of clear-the-air-bonding turns into protracted drunken recriminations. With my job hanging by the thinnest of threads, it’ll be up to South Africa to really get the foot on the throat and join the ranks of the great Black Caps humilators. It depends how much they want it.”

Links on Friday

The best sporting interview ever – Martin Brundle with Kimi Raikkonen. Jerry Collins would’ve just done it on the grid
Kevin Pieterson reverse sweeps Murali for six – says it all really – what a blow
Wired’s saddest cubicle competition ‘winners’ – makes my paper-and-dirty-dishes covered mess look like a little slice of heaven. It’s still bloody scary turning my keyboard upside down, though
Friday 13th through the years – I’ve not seen much after about #5. Actually all my Friday 13th experiences have been on VHS, I think

5 Silver Fern World Cup team building exercises

5. ‘Smashing paper mache effigies of netball players that may or may not be Australian, but mostly are. Dirty Aussies.’ treasure hunt
4. ‘Carrying a nation’s hopes and dreams in an empty Cricket, America’s Cup and Rugby trophy cabinet world of postmortems, blame-laying and relentless shit flinging’ quilting
3. ‘Appearing natural while leaning on whiteware in your trackies and laughing, throwing your head back in a sexy-but-not-too-sexy kinda way’ powerwalk
2. ‘These people paid $500 each to watch you. Each. $500. Dollars.’ falling backwards off a table into team mates’ arms
1. ‘….and don’t even THINK about not making the final, Miss’ Tennis

Links On Friday (on Sunday)

Sorry, team – blog motivation is low at the moment. I’ve got a good mind to get my other one going again…
The best 5-a-side goal ever – bloody hell, that’s some skill. The ‘keeper has no idea whatsoever, and looks like Mike Gatting facing the ball of the century
Chuck Klosterman on the NBA – not my favorite sport, but one of my favourite writers
Hostel’s Eli Roth’s 24 hours of Horror – does anyone want to do this?
That One Bob Guy And Why He Can Go Fuck Himself – I love this