The beautiful game

A good mate of mine is a Liverpool fan, and I was dead jealous of their Champions League win, not just of the trophy and bragging rights, but ‘cos he got to start drinking at 6.30am, be well gone by ten and asleep on the couch at 2. Glorious. But to balance things nicely, he is currently losing wads of cash in a silly bet he made about ‘Pool’s and Spurs’ relative league positions this year (not with me BTW).

Liverpool fully deserved their win, they made their luck and turned the game on its head after an absolute towelling in the first half. Stevie G deserves the lion’s share of credit, but everyone played their part (with the possible exception of H Kewell – who went on to star in the OTHER penalty drama of the year). I’m sure glad I’m not a Liverpool fan – I found the tension pretty goddamn full on as an innocent bystander – if that was my team I don’t think I’d have coped.