Nice finish

Paola Di Canio scores a very nice goal in training – imagine living in a country where practice goals are shown on the telly.

The best bit about going to Premiership games was getting there early and watching the pros warm up – some of the tricks they casually pulled out when the pressure was off were just magic. It was just like a kickabout at the park, and unlike in the game itself, you could tell they were ACTUALLY HAVING FUN. Bless.

My best memory is sitting in the Park Lane stand at White Hart Lane with my mate waiting for Spurs v Chelsea to get underway. Chelsea were warming up in front of us Tottenham fans, and as kick off approached they sauntered one by one back to the dressing room. Gianfranco Zola stayed behind to practice free kicks, and lined one up from outside the box – and hit the crossbar. He lined up another – and hit the crossbar again, in pretty much the same spot, and we all cheered. That thick Sardinian eyebrow frowned, and he took one more – it flew neatly into the very top corner, just like he knew it would. We cheered again, while wishing he played for Spurs. Zola just gave us a smile and the thumbs up, and trotted back to the shed.

2 thoughts on “Nice finish”

  1. He was TINY eh. I didn’t mind Chelsea tooooo much in those days, with Zola, Vialli + co, they were pretty rock n roll, and played some nice football, led by the charmingly incomprehensible Gullit then Raneri.

    It’s a pretty stark contrast to the whining, fouling, charmless win-at-all-costs loadsamoney mob they have now.

  2. Ah Gian—–franco Z—ola.

    Hard not to like him.

    Saw him couple of times live and he was so little I wondered how those legs got around.

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