Mmmmm Coffee

Dethroner is one of my favorite blogs at the moment. Blogger Joel has a theme every week, with manly topics like beer, danger, and fighting jostling for space with the men’s fashion advice. This week it’s coffee, and he’s got an expert in to guest blog – it should be an interesting and informative week.

I DO love coffee, like many Kiwis. At home, I have a stove top to really get those jitters happening, and when I’m out, I like Allpress, which is served at loads of Auckland cafes (Velo is great, too). Me and my girl even got a cup of Allpress to go with our hot chips at the Bethell’s Beach pie cart thing after a day’s lazing in the sun. Probably my fav cup of coffee ever.

4 thoughts on “Mmmmm Coffee”

  1. Those categories ARE messed up, eh. I liked it when the guy asks everyone what they thought of his outfit, and someone said ‘you look like you’re trying too hard’. Summed it up nicely, I thought.

  2. Categories on that site seem a bit fucked up, but brilliant stories, except the fashion ones all look like homos.

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