You spin me round like a GIF

Once, GIFs were simply jokey pictures on the internet, like so:


Now, the whole internet is GIFs. Which is great, because a GIF’s repetition allows you to appreciate the intricacies and combinations of skill that make up a goal, for example.


Or combining the action to highlight Things Like This, tough to do in any other medium:


It’s a new way of telling a story. It’s also a new and great way of making sportsmen look silly.


They’re also wonderful for making poetry from easily missed moments off-field, like crowd catches…


…on-field catches…


….people getting hit in the face…


…and Arsene Wenger having trouble operating a pocket competently.


There’s obviously room for the weird and wonderful. This is quite fantastic:


As is this. Sign him up.


And in case you ever wondered if Batman colour co-ordinates his boardies to his utility belt when surfing, now you know.



Author: Richard Irvine

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