MCC fashion: Tremendous or Poor Show?

The Lord’s test has revived my love for the MCC members and their attire.

 David Shepherd – “Oi mate, you’re not getting in here without one of these.”

The Marylebone Cricket Club colours are a kind of orange-y red and a kind of mustard-y yellow, generally worn on a tie or a blazer on match days at Lord’s.

Despite belonging to one of the most traditionally rigid sporting bodies on the globe, deep down MCC members are non-conformists to a man (or a lady), chortling at the constraints of conventional fashion and incorporating the famous ‘bacon and egg’ colours into a galaxy of garments and accessories.

And so, presents a review of the MCC’s most fashion forward accouterments – rated ‘Tremendous’ or ‘Poor Show’.


Sometimes, you just have to go classic. Hat, tie, blazer. Daily Telegraph. Umbrella. Binoculars. Red pants. If this isn’t the first result when you Google Image Search ‘MCC Member’, it flipping well should be. Tremendous.


This photo was taken during a T20 World Cup match between England and the Netherlands at Lord’s. If you’ve ever questioned the great institution’s willingness to move with the times, a couple of members photographed in full Hat / Tie / Blazer (HTB from now on) with facepaint and a pop singer should answer it pretty sharpish, mate. Tremendous.


Bacon and egg gloves? No-one likes a clever dick. Poor Show.


Lord’s photography 101 is a picture of the members queueing up and reading newspapers. This example nails it, AND takes it to the next level by featuring bacon and egg socks. I just like saying it. Bacon and egg socks. Tremendous.


Records reveal ‘Yo dog’ has never, ever been uttered in the Long Room. I’m going out on a limb and labeling these ‘unofficial’. Poor Show.


Grand-daddy of the lot. Sure, I’ve got a cricket jumper sleeve on my head. What of it? Tremendous.

Author: Richard Irvine

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2 thoughts on “MCC fashion: Tremendous or Poor Show?”

  1. It’s so eccentrically English isn’t it. Is there any kind of equivalent in NZ? Federated farmers perhaps? or the Act party?

  2. Just FYI, it’s the seventh google image result. Numbers 1, 4 and 5 don’t let themselves down though

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