Links on Friday – Tottenham

Super Tottenham Hotspur is the preferred Premiership team here at sportreview, embracing style, passing, and fun.

A lot rests on Harry Redknapp, now he has a whole season to himself to play with. At least he’s got a bit of fight.

I’m still waiting for this year’s big ‘all you other teams can go get fucked’ signing, like a Jurgen Klinsmann. I loved him. Peter Crouch is a better footballer than most tall blokes, but he’d better cut this shit out.

As usual, as long as we can do Arsenal, we’ll probably be happy. It’s fun, and its great.

Author: Richard Irvine

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5 thoughts on “Links on Friday – Tottenham”

  1. Leg Break – I remember us having a great one under Gerry Francis one time. I had to look it up on the internet, yeah 🙂

    Suave – Yeah I *loved* Glen too, but those golden memories became ever more tarnished whenever he opened his trap. That man’s brains were in his feet.

  2. Mate, I didn’t know you were a yiddo! Top lad..

    Glenn Hoddle was my hero growing up, until the old mentalist christian in him came out!

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