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Back in 2006 I wrote this rant lamenting the missed opportunity that is Radio Sport, New Zealand’s only dedicated sport radio option at the time – summarised, I said their station was as entertaining and informative as uncontrollable flatulence. Some wag must have emailed it to Matt Gunn, because the next thing I know, he’s ranting about me on air:

Listen to the MP3: mattgunn_v_sportreview (1.7MB, 1’56”)

“Gutless scumbags…. This kind of thing makes me sick… Soft-cocks, basically… I’d like to headbutt that person”.

How I laughed. Three years later, my main thought is – ‘What a dick’. OK, my site was anonymous then, but he sailed right past the big old elephant in the studio that was my point – his station was a bit shit, and he was proving it every time he breathed in. Gunn’s obviously on a one-cretin mission to bring ‘shock-jock’ to NZ sport radio, but his utter lack of good humour, wit or panache make him as funny as stinging nettles on your keyboard. And mean.

I wrote a little rebuttal. These days, I treat Radio Sport like a public urinal – I’m happy to visit for functional reasons, ie the excellent live sport commentary, but I wouldn’t want to hang around in there. ComeĀ  final whistle it goes off, well before the talk-back hordes drag knuckles from couch to phone. I’d support decent sport radio in New Zealand in a heart beat; we’ve been served up the fairly average for quite a while now.

Note one: This post is inspired by Naly D‘s recent Matt Gunn post, I dug through my email archives (hey, it turns out Gmail is really search-able!) to find the clip. Shame he’s still there. Gunn, not Naly. Ahem.

Note two: I still want to know what’s factually incorrect about it. He’s DEFINITELY a dickhead.

Note three: Matt Gunn’s profile page STILL says his favourite meal is ‘any wog dish’, three years later.

Author: Richard Irvine

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3 thoughts on “ versus Matt Gunn”

  1. Also, how bloody inbred is NZ’s sport media contingent?
    Mel Robinson used to be with Steve Walsh.
    Miles Davis is [or was] in a relationship with Walsh’s sister.


  2. Radio Sport in the last two days has been a goldmine of hilarity. Yesterday Matt Gunn and Mark Richardson were ranting about Steve Walsh. Gunn then did the 9-10 hour on his own and had a bitch about the NZRU trying to silence him, and he ranted for half an hour about it without giving any proof.

    Then he did this [hoping it works] to someone who disagreed with him.

    Sure I want the ‘honest truth’ as he blew smoke about, but I don’t want him drumming up conspiracies about how Jimmy Cowan was allowed to stay and Walsh was not.

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