Meandering toward the big IPL bucks

Big talking point is Flintoff and Pieterson’s failure to earn their money by actually playing well and that before they bugger off. This fascinating article from Lawrence Booth theorises that English players just think too damn much:

Nottinghamshire batsman Mark Wagh recalls asking his former Warwickshire team-mate Brad Hogg “about his pre-delivery movements”. He goes on: “Should I go back and across or press with the front foot?” Hogg, the former Australian left-arm wrist-spinner, replies: “Not a clue, mate, sorry.” Wagh’s conclusion? “It’s funny how aiming to middle every ball causes the rest of your game to fall into place.”

Exhibit A:’s net session; the poor bloke gets himself in bits thinking about just what the fuck his feet are up to [NOTE: Not-English Tom defends his batting in the comments on this post!] . Exhibit B: My own shonky golf game improved no end after reading this book – it says, basically, your mind needs something to do to occupy itself while your body gets on with the job. I bet Sehwag doesn’t lose much sleep thinking about his feet.

My moment of the tournament so far is Kevin Pieterson attempting to switch-stance Dan Vettori, and being bowled about halfway up middle stump (above) – if someone can find the youtube clip, I’d be very grateful.

The other highlight has been JRod’s Dirk Nannes coverage. Greater love hath no paragraph-challenged cricket blogger than that for a hairy, lairy, barely under control Aussie fast bowler.

The online buzz is, of course, the Fake IPL player blog. I’m surprised sports betting outfits aren’t running odds on the IPL stooge. The nicknames mean most of it’s flying over my head, but it’s super stuff, I’m loving the bits about the commentators making cocks of themselves, as if they needed any help. Come home, Danny Morrison, your country needs you to shut the hell up for five minutes.

Who’s going to win it – who are you putting your money on in the IPL betting? Does it even matter? Really, it hasn’t really fired yet. I’ve gone from MySky-ing entire matches to taping the 1/2 hour highlights packages if that’s any indicator. This year’s tournament has been hampered by rain and comparisons with last year’s extravaganza, which buzzed with the novelty of the big money, the dancing girls and Brendan McCallum scoring runs. For me, the IPL seems to be mostly about things that aren’t cricket related.

Author: Richard Irvine

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6 thoughts on “Meandering toward the big IPL bucks”

  1. To Naly,
    I’m insulted that Richards thinks I think. Mate thought is overrated surely!
    When the game’s easy, you see it, hit it. When the game’s hard, we all try to think why it’s going wrong.

    To Richard, feel free to bat from the boundary, bat from your office desk, bat from wherever; all advice welcomed.

  2. I’m always thinking ‘reverse sweep’ or ‘do that that litttle tickle back over the keeper’s head’.

    I’m a bowler BTW.

  3. And it may not be a help given that I’m not a professional or even club player, but the most thinking I do at the crease is ‘righto, I’m gonna fucking charge at this one’.

  4. Just from an English-geek point of view Tom, that second sentence reads that you’re insulted that Rich claimed you think when you bat?

    Anyway. I really hate these softball masks being used by keepers. If you’re gonna use the masks, why not start doing hand signals too? FFS.

  5. Hi Tom, and welcome! Apologies for nationality confusion.

    Sorry I dragged you into my little point, but your net session just sprang to mind when I was thinking about sportsmen overcomplicating things for themselves. You’re an athletic guy, you know how to stand up without falling over. You shouldn’t have a ‘balance at the crease’ ‘problem’. And you look bloody good when you just have a crack.

    I’m talking about the section from 2’10” on your net session when you stop farking about and have a go. You might get something out of one of the ‘Inner game’ books I link to in the post.

    Sincerely, best of luck. Realise it’s really easy for me to crap on about your batting from an office desk on the other side of the world. Love the idea behind your blog, it’s thoroughly enjoyable.

  6. Mate I ask you take that back. I do not think when it comes to batting;that’s an insult. I demand an apology. All I want to do is lash it
    and I’m not blooming English.

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