Top ten NZ sport sites

NBR Telco reporter Chris Keall notes the top ten NZ sport sites according to Nielsen, with Stuff sport edging the Herald for the first time.

What NZ (non-blog) sports sites do you look at? For me, it’s the Herald and Stuff, almost exclusively. Am I missing something?

I’d love to be able to embed TVNZ and TV3 videos, but that doesn’t seem to be an option.


Author: Richard Irvine

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6 thoughts on “Top ten NZ sport sites”

  1. Being the cricket fan I am I go to a bit. Check the schedules, good archive of NZ domestic cricket info as well, very handy when debating the merits of the wide range of below average opening batsmen candidates we have.

  2. There’s not actually heaps to choose from, is there? I’ll stick to what I use now I reckon. Is RugbyHeaven still going?

    Radio wise, it’s National Radio – their sport coverage is pretty good, actually!

    Internationally, it’s The Guardian, the BBC and The Times’ sites.

  3. SKY’s site is incredibly shit in terms of layout, I never go there. I go to the Herald to see what tripe Rattue is spouting this week and when I’m doing statistical stuff, but alas. Since I’m paid to listen to Radio Sport & BSport, that’s where I get my news.

  4. I’d have thought Sky would have been there too.

    That’s a bit of depressing list. Why would any moderately sane person want to visit All

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