Links on Friday

Best. Commentator. Ever. ‘Pour some sugar on me!’. We need this guy for Black Caps v India NOW (but none of this).

This is like one of those ACC ads. For God’s Sake, Don’t Go To The Football And Fall Asleep. YOU WILL BREAK YOUR FACE!

Fight! Fight! Fight! Gannets, seals, dolphins and frickin’ sharks all gang up on a bunch of sardines. *Spoiler* – the sardines lose.

‘The horror… the horror…’ ‘Bit of a late night, was it?

Author: Richard Irvine

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2 thoughts on “Links on Friday”

  1. excellent selection there fella .. i don’t think humpty even noticed he’d fallen off the wall. shame about spurs today, good showing at the very least tho.

  2. that bbc is frikkin’ amazing!

    and the ice hockey commentator! do you think he just sits there with a book of movie quotes in front of him? classic stuff, nonetheless.

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