Opening the crypt

Digging through my crap at the weekend (as you do), I stumbled across a few school essays on Cricket I wrote aged about ten. Comforting to see my spelling’s about the same. And my drawing is only barely better. If only I’d had PowerPoint in those days, eh?

First up – ‘How to bowl a ball’, a shot aimed squarely at any Australians that might read my schoolwork:

How to bowl a ball 090908

Then, there’s ‘The Final Over’ the breathless tale of me taking on the Aussies in a ‘friendly one day test’. Small boys are obsessed with Cricket equipment, aren’t they? I was handed a ‘tan and beige uniform, white helmet, bat, pads, shady hat and cap’. I’m surprised a box wasn’t mentioned.

In my excitement I forget one day matches have only two innings – I bowl, then bat, then I take a winning catch. I was good then. I also brazenly thumb my nose at any namby pamby anti-tobacco types, I was going to play in a ROTHMANS mini series. Have a read, you can click to make it bigger.

The final over 090908

Author: Richard Irvine

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