ICC brainstorms new Cricket format ‘Like Twenty20, but lasting five whole days’

SRPA: The ICC is set to rock the cricket world with a radical new format designed to take on the rebel Twenty20 leagues. The game takes place over five consecutive days, with no limits on bowlers’ overs, and team batting twice, if required. “There may well be scenarios where an individual could bat all day, if he’s good enough.” said ICC Chief executive Malcolm Speed at a press conference. “Imagine that!”

“There may be a few rumblings from the Long Room brigade, but we’re sure they’ll come around.” said ICC Director Of Communications Tim Strong-Ginbender. “Cricket’s a game of tradition – but we can’t be afraid to innovate. Where will the Michael Bevans and Chris Harrises of the future come from? Cricket’s forefathers, visionary men like Kerry Packer, would approve I’m sure.”

The new format was developed by a specially commissioned think tank, fresh from designing the 2007 World Cup format. “We holed up in a Dubai hotel with a whiteboard for three months.” explained Strong-Ginbender. “There was no such thing as a bad idea. Five days? Sure! Two innings? Go with that! Different coloured balls – why not red? Just a tremendous amount of energy and enthusiasm in the room.”

Players’ consultant Inzamam Ul-Haq, who spent the press conference slowly shaking his head and moaning softly, declined to answer any questions not related to the hotel’s buffet, which featured excellent Pain Au Chocolat and unlimited coffee refills before 10.30am.

Author: Richard Irvine

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6 thoughts on “ICC brainstorms new Cricket format ‘Like Twenty20, but lasting five whole days’”

  1. Ian S – absolutely – Australia would have won in India if they had listened to me.

    Ian H – I’m not sure about that – the only things I find funny in the commentary box are my own jokes.

  2. One rule us Aussies have been pushing for a while is:

    – a panel to judge sledges and the opportunity for a batsmen to be given out sledged if the panel deems a sledge to be exceptionally funny/clever and original

  3. I think the following rule is essential for any form of the game:

    – the commentary team can make selection changes, field placements & batting order changes as they feel necessary. After all they know far more about the game than the players.

  4. I do have a few other rules which I’m mulling over:

    – the batsman gets to choose a hairpiece for the bowler
    – for one ball in the over the batsmen can nominate three of the opposition’s fielders to wear a loose chain around their knees preventing them from running fast
    – bring in ‘one hand one bounce’
    – can’t be out first ball
    – batsmen are only allowed to wear one pad
    – player umpires

  5. Great stuff, inovation I like it!

    I too have an idea to rival 20/20. How about 2 innings of 10 overs for each team, a special zone down the ground which your runs double in, four stumps, no LBWs, wacky league like commentary all endorsed by one of the greatest players ever to have played cricket for NZ.

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