Mount Maunganui cycle criterium

Normally Maunganui Road in late December is all rotary engines, hormones, and old farts of 34 shaking their heads smugly at the youth of today. Last night, they made room for muscly calves, European lycra and cool looking bikes sharking around warming up for the Bike Barn’s criterium series, with cyclists racing around a 1 kilometre course for 30 minutes, plus three laps.

It’s fast racing, and tight courses with tricky corners means there’s high potential for crashes. There was a good size crowd enjoying cheering the riders on as we caught the elite Woman’s race and the start of the Men’s, high speeds and jostling for position create a real spectacle. SHIT they move. Auckland’s had events in Newmarket and Takapuna previously, and despite a good two minutes Googling, I can’t find details for this year. Check local guides for times, as they say. Recommended.





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