That’s SO 2006! – Watching / Listening

It’s time to round up 2006. I’m going to talk about the stuff I read, watched, listened to, and the sporting moments I enjoyed the most this year. This kind of post is pretty much why people write blogs off as navel gazing. Yeah, I know, but it’s FUN, hey?

I watched 62 movies this year – 19 at the movies (Yes, I keep a list and the nerdometer has just exploded). Here’s my top ten, again, this is for films I saw in 2006.

10. Metallica – Some Kind Of Monster Too many funny bits – the psychiatrist’s interesting knitwear choices, Dave Mustaine’s venting, Lars saying anything… it made me want to be in a band
9. Enron: Smartest Guys In The Room Those ASSHOLES!
8. Primer Time travel with a couple of very smart geeks, well worth tracking down
7. Little Fish First of three Aussie films in my list – fantastic performances from everyone in a pitch black story. And where did that 21 Jump St guy come from?
6. Candy Another bleak Aussie druggy movie
5. Match Point Urban brit horror that makes you squirm and scream ‘don’t do it!’
4. Brokeback Mountain Heath Ledger again – he can really act
3. Thank You For Smoking So many quotable lines
2. Kenny If you’re a fan of the Aussies’ colorful way with words (“That’s as silly as a bum full of smarties”, “Have you ever seen a dog have a crap? It’s like he’s trying to root a cricket ball”, “What, do you think everyone that works on Virgin Airlines is a Virgin too?”, you have to see Kenny
1. Sione’s Wedding More fantastic dialogue from the extremely talented Oscar Knightly in a tale about the importance of yer mates. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, etc, and he made Auckland (and even Grey Lynn) look so pretty.

Bonus list: Listening in 2006
I bought a pathetic amount of new music this year, being a) too cheap and b) more interested in buying older LPs and the like, but mostly, it was being a) too cheap. For the record, my fav 2006 album I enjoyed the most was Samuel Flynn Scott’s The Hunt Brings Us Together. Here’s what I’ve been listening to, though:

Top Ten most played on iTunes
1. In My Life – The Beatles
2. Do You Realise? (Acoustic KCRW) – Beck
3. Strawberry Fields Forever – The Beatles
4. Drink To Moving On – Grand National
5. Ziggy Stardust – David Bowie
6. Golden Dawn – Golden Horse
7. Real Love – John Lennon
8. Sing It Again – Beck
9. Talk Amongst Yourselves – Grand National
10. Dark As A Dungeon – Sparklehorse

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