Memo to Keith Quinn and John MacBeth

Keith and John, here’s four little words that could help save your careers.

Shut. The. Fuck. Up.

Seriously. When I’m watching the opening ceremony of the Commonweath Games and a door opens on the flying Tram, I don’t want to hear the two of you idiots talking over the top of each other with insightful stuff like:

– It seems to be a tram. With wings.
– Yes, it’s a flying tram. Sensational.
– It’s spectacular, isn’t it? I was on a tram several times today. In the great city of Melbourne.
The tram door opens
– Spectacular. The doors are now opening.
– Yes, John those doors are opening. Here in Melbourne. Magnificent.

Etc etc etc. These two must be getting paid by the word, because they just couldn’t shut up. What looked to be a spectacular opening to the games was utterly ruined for NZ TV audiences because two ex-rugby commentators (let’s face it, if they were still any good, Sky would have got them by now) thought we were watching it on Teletext. Sometimes the pictures can talk for themselves, chaps.