I still kind of want a Russian billionaire for Spurs

Or do I? Abramovich may be football’s version of a fairy godmother, but how would you feel if your team was cast as the bad guy against Barcelona – a team that plays outstanding attacking football? I’d almost support Barca over my own team. Chelsea will win the league, but they’re doing it in such a joyless, dull manner, broken up only by whinging and diving that everyone enjoyed watching Barca beat them with a side dish of schadenfreude.

At least when Man Utd (the last team it was fun to hate) were winning everything you could appreciate their football. Mourinho had the chance to build one of the great entertaining sides with all that cash (kind of like Barca, in fact), but he went with the one-nils instead. I hope him and all these fans who’ve come from nowhere are really enjoying it.