Links on Friday: Roy Keane

Keano is a big sportreview favorite, for his Apocalypse Now style tacking, terrifying glower and for telling Mick McCarthy to ‘stick his world cup up his bollocks’, in an anatomically impossible yet impassioned outburst.

Here he is, aged 12, making a very nasty tackle, and here he is methodically settling a grudge that burned like deep heat in his undies for. Never mind starting an argument in an empty house, Keano can do it in the sanctum of the player’s tunnel.

Even as a manager, he’s an angry man, but I’m sure he’d know when to put an arm around a player.

For further Keano reading, here’s an amazing interview with Tom Humphries, who also covers Keane in his fantastic book Laptop Dancing Nanny Goat Mambo. Recommended.

Author: Richard Irvine

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3 thoughts on “Links on Friday: Roy Keane”

  1. @LB that was bizzare hey?

    @Noizy I love it – the Streets and Keano’s versions are merged in my head now whenever I sing along with ’em. The radio station that did them do more Keano stuff that’s equally awesome.

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