9 thoughts on “It’s time to go back – back to the future.”

  1. Robyn – dobbers or dibbly dobbers are slow to medium pace bowlers that choke the life out of a match – their lack of pace means they’re hard to score off as the batsman has to create all the momentum themselves.

    The NZ team was chocka with them through the 90s, conditions here produce pitches that played into the dobbers’ hands. Plus, they tended to be the folk heroes of the team, Chris Harris being the prime example.

    There’s more here: http://bit.ly/NON9g

  2. Naly – don’t say that, there’s plenty of room for poorly-photoshopped-actually-done-in-powerpoint-sport-cartoons on the internet.

    Deadball, yeah that was a genious article – it’s a bit weird how we’ve gone from all-dobbers to no-dobbers almost overnight. It’s like white dog poo, all of a sudden you never see it around anymore?

  3. That’s excellent. I think I’d even laugh if I could stop crying about how badly everything’s going for a minute or two. that piece on cricinfo about the end of the dibbly dobbly era couldn’t have been better timed huh?

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