Free kick freakery

Is this a great effort from Hakan Calhanoglu of Hamburger SV, or something else?

To me, this doesn’t even look like an attempt on goal, it’s more like a golfer’s chip from the bunker. Just get it up close and see what happens. Even the celebration seems a bit half-hearted. Compare and contrast with Roberto Carlo’s effort here, where the intent is obvious.

Maybe it’s the state of modern hi-tech footballs that makes this unpredictable swerve possible, or maybe it was just really windy on the day, but it seems equally likely that Calhanoglu could have hit the corner flag. In all seriousness, WHAT was the ‘keeper meant to do here?


Author: Richard Irvine

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One thought on “Free kick freakery”

  1. Completely freakish. If you watch carefully, the ball originally moves left-to-right, before straightening, and then swerving viciously once it gets to the penalty box. No wind, I think, just crazy aerodynamics.


    * where was the wall!

    * and should all penalties be taken from the edge of the centre circle?

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