Links on Friday – 1982 World Cup

In honour of some football match this weekend, that FIFA have handily scheduled for the middle of me Mum’s 60th celebrations, here’s a tribute to the best World Cup ever.

This was the All Whites’ only World Cup so far, highlights were contributing to Scotland’s comedy WC minnow performance pantheon, and lettting Zico do this.

Brazil 1982 were a bit special – check out chain smoker Socrates casually scoring from 30 yards. Pity they got mugged by the eventual champions. That Rossi was some player.

Tardelli’s goal in the final was a nice bit of work on the edge of the box, but his celebration made me want to be Italian. I put him on me 2006 bannner too.

Heroes need villains, team, and the German ‘keeper put his hand up with this clinically brutal foul on Battiston, of Platini’s wonderful French team.

Author: Richard Irvine

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