5 thoughts on “Hamilton would have been safer”

  1. Regardless of your thoughts on the Tron you don’t tell the locals. Next PDV will be complaining that the folks of Hamilton are not friendly enough.

  2. What I’m concerned about is that the locals will get all affronted and angry together that the bells will turn up en masse on Saturday night. Perhaps that’s what Funny Guy wants; given how many of his players are based at Loftus.

    One question though; why get there so early? They must be dreading Friday.

  3. @Robyn apparantly the All Blacks are off to see a stud farm today. This is not a joke, Jimmy Cowan was on the news last night saying “we’re going to see a Horse on top of another Horse” with a grin a mile wide.

    Bollocks to the Springboks, I will be at the game Saturday night making my views clear.

  4. People say “lolz!!!! They didn’t go to Hamilton early because it was boring!!!! Ha ha ha!!! Hamilton sucks!!!”

    But – WTF – the Gold Coast is just like Hamilton with warmer weather and more New Zealanders.


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