Hunting with the pack

@Naly_D of the Dropkicks joined an All Blacks presser, and writes about the nuts and bolts of a media call (TV guys are a PITA), and the candid, honest reaction to the ABs first test loss. This about Jimmy Cowen:

Asked if this was a fault of the officiating at the ruck where the French were offside his response was remarkable. Instead of using this lifeline and peddling a media-friendly line about how it’d be a lot easier if referees were consistent he looked up and said ‘We just didn’t do our job. We’ve only got ourselves to blame.’ It is unfortunate this response was followed with a stupid question, referencing Mils’ comments about not being as tired. ‘Do you think that’s because the team didn’t leave it all on the field?’ asked someone I don’t know. His response, with a look of ‘wtf’ on his face was that the team did. He said some individuals may not have, but that he definitely had.

Author: Richard Irvine

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