Andy Murray’s new Fred Perry kit

Andy Murray is about to enter the British-Wimbledon-hopeful vortex that sucked in poor old Tim Henman and left him with the personality of a pencil. He *may* have been like that before. Still, at least Andy’ll have some sweet threads, as Fred Perry have kitted him out in a new retro range. Want.



Author: Richard Irvine

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2 thoughts on “Andy Murray’s new Fred Perry kit”

  1. I like Andy Murray. He is young promising tennis player. He has been ranked at no 3 in one of the four prestigious Grand Slam tournaments. However, I can not see anyone who can take his place. It is time to see how long he can progress in the grass-court.

  2. well, as Andy Murray happens to have a neck like a pencil it’s all very appropriate isn’t it?

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