Championes and loseriones


Despite ten years of trying, 1999 may yet be Fergusson’s greatest moment. John Terry’s Moscow slip meant the old hairdryer has won a Big Cup with two different teams, but Man U looked tired, out of ideas, and not at all like repeating this morning. Fergusson tried his trick of throwing on an ex-spurs striker, but Berbatov headed his only chance miles over the bar, to the exasperated looks of this team mates. It would have helped if he’d opened his eyes.

Well done to Barcelona, who thoroughly deserved the win, despite Tierry Henry repeating his CL Final sitter-miss from his Arsenal appearance. The wonderful Messi showed Maradona-like leaping ability and technique to get to his header. He definitely got the better of Ronaldo.

As an aside, I prefer Beckham’s free kicks, shaping like a gentle draw on a par three to Ronaldo’s thunderbolts, more about leg strength than technique. But that’s just me. As a Tottenham fan, the Champions’ League is more about voyeurism than any legitimate criticism anyway.

Author: Richard Irvine

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