Moles’ final day plan: concentration, application and a really big hose

SRNZPA:  Facing with three sessions to bat with six wickets remaining, optimistic Black Caps coach Andy Moles’ strategy is simple: “We’ve got everything we need – the players, the attitude, and a couple of fire trucks. You can’t write us off just yet.”

Should his middle order struggle early and expose the tail, Moles is confident torrents and torrents of water will give the Indians something to think about. “Coming from a hot climate, their bowlers will struggle with a high pressure hose, possibly two, hitting them square in the chest. I’d say the run ups will get rather treacherous, too.”

With pride on the line and Ross Taylor, on 69* overnight, the last recognised batsman, the Indian team will run out this morning with fire crews on standby, watching their every move. “A couple of caterers have given up their spot pitch side for some heavy duty fire appliances. The team can take heart that a simple phone call will put the square under a foot of water in three or four minutes.”

Author: Richard Irvine

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