Links on Friday: David Lloyd tribute

David ‘Bumble’ Lloyd, the Lancashire batsman, umpire, coach and pundit has an amiable, relaxed style and regularly comes up with *gems*, like ‘the fridge has opened, he’s flown like a gazelle!‘ in his broad Wallace and Grommit accent. As promised on Hadyn’s Field Theory, here’s more Bumble:

Spotting a stray heat spot

Pitch report from ‘Lords’. Listen for the dubious groundsman name

Utter gibberish. Catford?

The best one, though, is when someone nicks his lawnmower. I wouldn’t want to meet his George.

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  1. Although I wouldn’t want to undermine Bumble’s legend, Mr Hunt is actually the groundsman at Lord’s, and Catford is in south London. (I’m guessing he’s referring to cricket clubs that were featured in Sky Sports Clublife competition. )

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