Links on Friday

Some muppet tries to tackle a goal kicker and knocks himself out – this is the greatest thing ever. The best bit is the tacklee doesn’t even notice – AND he sticks the kick
Johan Cruyff – best first touch ever? – wow, that’s some skill. Bonus link – here’s my fav (non-spurs) goal ever, by another Ajax legend. My fav spurs goal is probably this one. Or this one. Or this one.
The Times’ Serious Football Writer Brian Glanville’s top 50 football moments – nice list, he picks a whole lot of stuff from the olden days, just to prove he’s a Serious Football Writer, though
If people behaved in meetings like they did on the internet – har. Love the guy that gets all serious

One thought on “Links on Friday”

  1. That Brian Glanville might be well posh but what’s with this bit..

    “With still less space than against England, he alluded four defenders before shooting home.”

    I’m not sure that’s what he meant.

    Bloody hell, The Times these days.. I’m sure retired vicars all around the Home Counties spluttered into their Earl Grey when they read that one.

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