Links on Friday

Borat learns cricket – some great condescension from the old battler here. “Just watch. WATCH”
Some guy skis down Angel tube station escalator – If you’ve been there, you’ll know this escalator is BIG
Irish Cyclist Sean Kelly’s legendary downhill pursuit in 1992 – Insane. I’m in the process of getting a Vitus 979, Kelly’s bike, back on the road
Unintentionally hilarious comic book panels – MORE innocent childhood memories destroyed. Thanks, Internet!
William Spencer: freaky skateboarder – things have moved on since my day. Whatever happened to the Bones Brigade?
HDTV FAQ – thinking of upgrading to High Def for the World Cup? You’ll want to read this. Did you know the ‘p’ in 1080p stands for ‘purchase’?
Tarantino and Rodriguez’s favorite movie posters – Dawn of the Dead is on there, obviously