Cricket World Cup – Weekend roundup

– Bond showed the slow pitches won’t stop him taking wickets. He sounded like Paddles Hadlee when takling about all the variations he was planning on using
– Great work from Styris (in particular) and Oram to steer us victory – watching big Jake Oram calmly working singles to chase down the Pom’s total was like watching the Incredible Hulk carefully doing the dishes
Kyle Mills’ column in the Sunday Star Times had some great insight into our tactical approach – he’s heaps better at writing than sorting out his haircut
– The crowd had a bloody good time, complete with hordes of locals dancing around the pasty tourists. The Barmy Army were showing that carefree sense of rhythm Steve Davis is so renowned for
– Good on Ireland – beating Pakistan on Paddy’s Day, lead by the former captain of my old club. Ireland’s cricket fans are the most dedicated I’ve ever come across, considering the game’s about as popular as Will Carling over there. More on cricket in Ireland soon
– Poor old Bob Woolmer – what a way to go, on your own in some crappy hotel room knowing all of Pakistan hates you – and now Inzamam’s stepping down from one dayers too
Freddie – what a legend. Luckily, we’re too boring for any of that