Links on Friday

Ireland vs Australia Compromise Rules – Paddies and Ockers have loads in common, like a deep love of gambling, wit/swearing, binge drinking – and sport nobody else plays, ie Gaelic Football and Australian Rules. Enter Compromise Rules, an excuse for a scrap thinly disguised as a sporting event
‘The Look’ – Lance Armstrong gives Jan Ullrich the beat down in the Alps, 2001
Kiwi Blokes – click on the Chainsaw for everything bloke-like. Actually, the fact you’re sat at a computer, and not out drive-by deer hunting in the Holden, means none of this applies
Consumption photos – this is pretty freaky
Zinadine’s European Cup winning volley vs Bayer Leverkusen – I miss that Spock-like nutter already
How to get traffic for your blog – and there I was relying on the power of stupidity and laziness…