It hurts

Thoughts on this evening’s defeat to England:
– Following a Black Caps top order collapse on CricInfo is much less fun than watching on the box (if you find that sort of thing fun, that is)
– Styris got 80 odd in a domestic match today – let’s get him on a plane, quick smart
– What were England DOING when they batted? They dwardled along like 11 Geoff Boycotts, it was more boring than ten man rugby from the 80s. If we’d had a little luck and got Flintoff out any earlier we’d have probably nicked it
– Flintoff is obsessed with punching gloves with his batting partner – one of England’s tailenders wasn’t expecting it when he came to the crease, and just about got a cock-punch
– Without Bond, our go-to tactic is still the slow-medium dobbers – twelve years ago it was Latham and Harris, now it’s Astle and specialist bowler Craig McMillian (who in fairness did a great job tying England down at the death)
– Tony Greig’s shameless cheering for the Poms is beyond a joke – if Sky Digital had an option to mute individual commentators, and have them replaced them with nails scraping a blackboard, I’d cheerfully pay double my subscription (Stu Wilson, you’d be next on my list, Bucko)
– Cricinfo’s headline right now is ‘Flintoff edges England in thriller’ – is that in a kind of Michael Jackson sense of ‘Thriller’?
– Scary thing is, England aren’t all that flash a side, and we stil lost. Did you spot anything to worry the Aussies?
– More depressing than the actual game was tuning into Radio Sport on the way to the video shop post-match, with one caller asking if Shane Bond actually had a migraine (back strain?), or just didn’t feel like playing. The horror…

3 thoughts on “It hurts”

  1. Clint – Offices in the UK can be cruel, eh. In ’98 us NZers received wooden spoons when the ABs finished bottom of the Tri Nations. Comedy gold.

    Kate – From the Herald today: Styris said he and fellow injury-hit Black Caps Kyle Mills and Jacob Oram were pencilled in for Saturday flights to Australia.

    Looks like Styris is even bowling as well – here comes the cavalry. Dunno about Lou Vincent though…

  2. You meant to tell me Piggy Styris is roting in domestic cricket?

    What about Oram and Vincent?

    Thought they were injured?

  3. It was not pretty to follow on Cric Info at all. How on earth did we lose to those muppets?

    Oh the shame. I now have to pretend I’m Aussie in the office so that I don’t get harrassed.

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