Weekend Roundup

Australia 289/8 – New Zealand 184 all out
Typical. The Black Caps lost their last seven wickets for 23 runs, showing as much fight as Ian Smith at the NZ Pie Baking Champs, just when Ross Taylor had put us in a solid position to push on and challenge the Aussies’ not insurmountable total. McMillan failed again, and while slagging Macca is so much a part of life in this country that it’s now a requirement for becoming a NZ Citizen, I find it hard to believe he’s one of our top batsmen these days. Styris and Oram are badly, badly needed. Tomorrow night is a Pieterson-less England, and a win is vital – they’ve been beaten up by Australia pretty bad, and on Friday night they looked like they need a beer and a laugh. Geez, if the guy geeing ME up was as joyful a character as Duncan Fletcher, they’d need to remove any sharp objects from the dressing room.

Tottenham 2 Newcastle 3
Typical. Get up obscenely early. See your team play some really nice stuff, creating about twenty odd chances, score two, and then get burgled at home for three points. The Geordie moaners are so injured that Glenn Roeder’s neighbours’ boy got a run at left back. Arsene’s not even going to need his dodgy lasagne at this rate.

Scary link of the day
Sonny Shaw is the guy / psychopath that appears at every New Zealand Cricket or Rugby match ever – he’s easy to spot because he’s always got a flag, some bizzare fluffy toys, and lines himself up to gain maximum TV appearances, much to Sky TV’s despair. He’s widely disliked in Cricketing circles for his self-promotion and general creepiness. Obviously, this guy is a Muppet, but check out his website (thanks, Spare Room). Holy. Crap. There’s some scary, scary stuff within, from the anally retentive stats from his globe-trotting, to the nasty, extensive ‘Girls’ section (some NSFW), where the portly Shaw rubs his moustache on some poor unfortunates, with everyone looking like they’ve had plenty to drink. Sadly, the ‘Personalities’ section sheds no light on what makes him tick whatsoever. Fair play to Sonny for attending all those matches, but he’s basically representing his country, and should show some class.

Bonus cheap shot I prepared earlier – Sonny gets spear tackled

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