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  1. Here’s a question Rich.

    What Google search did Danica use to end up on here in this post?? Should be easy to work out.

  2. OMG hu eva make ths web sight is js a fuckn bitch hu the fuck would say that wbt hm????? he is a gud rugby player i want to c ya play it c hw gud u r ????? he is so alsum no1 dis him hu eva dis hm thy should b disin thmself so i js gt to say 1 thn FUCK U GO FUCK A SHEEP CYA

  3. what the hell!!!
    What a so stupid post, how can you say something like that! Richie is a fucking good player, one of the best player we have in this world!
    Don t trust the rumour, he is so good, than the others are jalous…

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