Links on Friday’s Funniest Home Videos

Everyone loves seeing someone else get hurt from the safety of their desk.

Ouch My Balls – skier gambles his future family on a sweet downhill run (via Hadyn Green)

Rollerblader drifts off mid trick – really enjoy seeing rollerbladers in pain, eh

Rad sports presenter gets nailed by unnecessarily large ball – I could watch this all day

Free runner shortly before Googling ‘Oral Surgeon’ – this will teach him for being French

Not a slam per se – he’ll be pretty sore the next day, though

Top ten NZ sport sites

NBR Telco reporter Chris Keall notes the top ten NZ sport sites according to Nielsen, with Stuff sport edging the Herald for the first time.

What NZ (non-blog) sports sites do you look at? For me, it’s the Herald and Stuff, almost exclusively. Am I missing something?

I’d love to be able to embed TVNZ and TV3 videos, but that doesn’t seem to be an option.


This bench is frickin’ AWESOME

This is the excerpt of your first post template…

Life is pretty sweet on the All Black bench. I mean check out the view – we’re talking ground level. Half way line. You CAN’T get closer to the action than this. I’ve even got an umbrella. That says All Blacks on it.

“What’s that? Warm up? Few stretches? Want a cuppa while I’m up? No? OK then.”

This rules. Running around. Warming up. I’ll probably cough up some snot badgers or bust out the wicked nose clearances later. Maybe the folks will catch it on telly.

What people at home don’t realise is that it’s not *really* a bench. It’s actually a whole lot of seats in a row, kind of seats you get a lot in school halls or gyms. They’re pretty comfortable, and take no time at all to stack away.

“Hey! Can I have one of those Poweraides? Blue one? Thanks mate!”

We get those free, by the way. I could probably get a Moro if I wanted.

So yeah, it’s a pretty good deal I reckon, spending your Saturday nights on a bench. It can get pretty cold in the winter, but you still get to have a shower after. The only thing to remember is shutting up when Ian Smith’s talking into his microphone, Smithy gets a pretty sandy vagina if you bugger up his bit. Those Moros come in handy, sometimes.

So yeah, this is it. Kicking back, sat on your arse catching the game. You can really see the world from a bench. I mean, if I get picked for the tour I could be sitting on benches in Italy. Wales. France. I bet the HQ benches are frickin’ sweet.

Links on Friday – Skateboarding

The Search For Animal Chin is the pinnacle of 80s Skateboard films, all frosted hair and totally tubular dialogue – there’s even a ‘making of’ doco. Bonus awesome: Johnny Rad.

Kids today do it differently of course – according to this this Spike Jonez clip, Skating today is all in slow motion with explosions and that? You wouldn’t get very fit that way.

I’m impressed by the world’s biggest ramp, but seeing the Grange Hill kids skate, though, is the raddest thing I’ve ever seen. Bless.

Top of the table


Can’t let this morning’s league table go by without a mention; following Saturday’s surprisingly comfortable win over Liverpool, Spurs beat Hull 5-1 this morning to go top of the table.

Not getting too carried away at this stage, putting away mid table battlers is just what professional sides do (as I emailed my Liverpool fan friend this morning), but we’re looking good. Ledley’s not injured yet, Defoe’s in hot form and Palacios may be the midfield enforcer we’ve needed since about 1985.

In other news, ESPN’s Bill Simmons is claiming credit for the early season form – read his typically thorough post on choosing Tottenham. Bill famously supports the Boston Red Sox, another team who torture their fans by over promising and under delivering on the glory. Let’s hope the Sox’s recent World Series win is a good omen for Spurs.

Links on Friday – Tottenham

Super Tottenham Hotspur is the preferred Premiership team here at sportreview, embracing style, passing, and fun.

A lot rests on Harry Redknapp, now he has a whole season to himself to play with. At least he’s got a bit of fight.

I’m still waiting for this year’s big ‘all you other teams can go get fucked’ signing, like a Jurgen Klinsmann. I loved him. Peter Crouch is a better footballer than most tall blokes, but he’d better cut this shit out.

As usual, as long as we can do Arsenal, we’ll probably be happy. It’s fun, and its great.