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Tour De France riders must be better at riding no hands than sportreview. You can follow @lancearmstrong, @ghincapie, and @LeviLeipheimer on the twitter. Kiwi @Greghenderson1 tweets too, but isn’t on tour this year

Speaking of which, there’s two Kiwis to follow this year, Julian Dean, a sprinter who could nick a stage win, and sportreview fav Hayden Roulston

For coverage, The Guardian has a dedicated Tour section and Richard Williams reporting live, while The Times has Paul Kimmage, Rough Ride author and ex-pro. Here he is talking to Brit David Millar, the guy with the sweet bike. Luckily, Sky carries pretty much the entire tour here in En Zed.

Here’s a Google Earth thingo. If you can get it to work, let me know(!)

Blog wise, Belgium Knee Warmers and Red Kite Prayer will have some good reading and hopefully The Big Picture will have more amazing photos (this link is not dial up friendly)

Links on Friday – Crap sporting songs

It’s New Zealand. It’s the 80s. So I can accept Bunny Walters. I can accept Beaver. But I cannot accept Barry Crump

Keith Alllen is largely responsible for Lily Allen, and Vindaloo, much loved by people who enjoyed shouting things on the street in the 1998 World Cup

Does the montage from the Karate Kid count as sporting music? It fuckin’ does now

From the minute you see cheerleaders throwing down moves in a used car yard, you know the Glasgow American Football team’s rap is going to be *awesome*