Links on Friday – own goals

For footballers, scoring an own goal is a joyless kick in the balls. But if, like me, you’re very easily amused, joyless kicks in the balls can keep you occupid most of the afternoon. This keeper was busy breakdancing when picking the ball up was the better option. I’ll never get sick of seeing one … Continue reading “Links on Friday – own goals”

IRB clamps down on backline ‘jiggery-pokery’

SRNZPA: IRB top brass moved moved swiftly to stamp down on the early RWC backline flair and skill, fast-tracking new laws that ban flair altogether. “Rugby Union is scrums, dropgoals, stern reprimands from the ref and dirty songs on the bus ride home” said IRB chairman Dr Syd Millar. “This backline jiggery-pokery belongs in the … Continue reading “IRB clamps down on backline ‘jiggery-pokery’”

Ten years of Links on Friday

This week marks the ten year anniversary of this blog making the internet worse. Cue a series of unprecedented navel gazing posts – thanks for reading, team.  Ten years: Banners / NEWSDESK / Cartoons / Links on Friday This is the 127th post tagged ‘Links on Friday’ – hopefully the extensive yet sporadic coverage of Roy Keane, Kevin … Continue reading “Ten years of Links on Friday”

Links on Friday

These sin-binned-hockey-player-taunting green men made me laugh a lot, especially when one pretends to cry (via @cam_mcmillan) Poor Wayne Rooney, can’t even have a pint in peace In alternate reality comes to life news, Maradonna tuns out for Tottenham. He’s no Steffan Freund. Casual! Casual! Casual! He’ll regret that quite spectacular own goal, and that … Continue reading “Links on Friday”

A year of it – one year anniversary of the Sport Review newsletter

This content was lovingly emailed to a boatload of awesome types in Sport Review newsletter #52 – get stuff like this, and loads more every Friday morning, sign up!  52 not out – thanks for being part of the first year of the Sport Review newsletter. It’s been a bloody pleasure hitting send every Friday for … Continue reading “A year of it – one year anniversary of the Sport Review newsletter”