Roman Abramovich wishes you merry Xmas

In December even a cruel, ruthless Russian overlord’s mind turns to seasonal merriment. We Abramovichs celebrate Christmas like all of you. Only this morning I hunted reindeer from my chopper with agent orange, and on Christmas eve we’ll enjoy dwarfs re-enacting the film ‘300’ in the drawing room to peals of children’s laughter.It’s a time … Continue reading “Roman Abramovich wishes you merry Xmas”

Roman Abramovich writes to young Chelsea fans

Chelsea chairman Roman Abramovich is a man of ominous, brooding, dark, dark mystery. Here’s his responses to children’s letters to Chelsea’s official fan’s magazine. Dear Chelsea magazine – My favourite colour is blue. I can’t wait for the football to start again, and when I’m big enough I want to play for Chelsea. I like … Continue reading “Roman Abramovich writes to young Chelsea fans”

Abramovich quiz

What’s happening in this picture? a) Chelsea FC Chairman Roman Abramovich celebrates his team’s progress to the FA Cup final with a late, late, winner against Blackburn on Sunday? b) Russian Oil magnate Roman Abramovich checks out the crude oil prices? c) Zombie overlord Roman Abramovich receives word his rouge scientist working feverishly in a … Continue reading “Abramovich quiz”

I still kind of want a Russian billionaire for Spurs

Or do I? Abramovich may be football’s version of a fairy godmother, but how would you feel if your team was cast as the bad guy against Barcelona – a team that plays outstanding attacking football? I’d almost support Barca over my own team. Chelsea will win the league, but they’re doing it in such … Continue reading “I still kind of want a Russian billionaire for Spurs”