Links on Friday – Cricket and Zombies

Possibly the greatest thing I’ve EVER posted (since the last one): want to see Martin Crowe in a Chris Gayle headband? Merv Hughes thinking he can walk through things? Gavin Larsen so excited he could shit? Alan Border looking annoyed? Behold. Ian Botham is a big sportreview favorite – he’s also huge among the Australian … Continue reading “Links on Friday – Cricket and Zombies”

Ten years of Links on Friday

This week marks the ten year anniversary of this blog making the internet worse. Cue a series of unprecedented navel gazing posts – thanks for reading, team.  Ten years: Banners / NEWSDESK / Cartoons / Links on Friday This is the 127th post tagged ‘Links on Friday’ – hopefully the extensive yet sporadic coverage of Roy Keane, Kevin … Continue reading “Ten years of Links on Friday”

Links on Friday

Stroppy 70’s legend Johann Cruyff cusses out photographers, beats hapless defenders like they were The Joker’s henchmen, backheel volleys a goals with REPETICION, all to Thunderbirds music… this clip has everything. I bet these real life Quiddich players were beaten up a lot at school. And running around with a broom between your legs? Someone’s … Continue reading “Links on Friday”

Being there: Chiefs v Blues, Super 14

Friday, I was at Eden Park for the Cricket, but if this is Saturday, it must be Rugby. Last year’s Super 14 was the testing ground for ‘Look, Ma, no All Blacks!’. This year we’re testing the Experimental Law Variations (or something). The players all looked like they’d been in the gym. There were some … Continue reading “Being there: Chiefs v Blues, Super 14”

sport review best of 2007

I’m stoked 2007 is over, sports-wise. After three World Cups and a big yacht race for no trophies, we’re left to pick up the pieces after a year of early starts, late finishes, big build-ups and crushing disappointments. What have we learned? Nothing, if you believe Henry’s reappointment was a mistake (which I don’t), but … Continue reading “sport review best of 2007”