Links on Friday: Roy Keane

Keano is a big sportreview favorite, for his Apocalypse Now style tacking, terrifying glower and for telling Mick McCarthy to ‘stick his world cup up his bollocks’, in an anatomically impossible yet impassioned outburst. Here he is, aged 12, making a very nasty tackle, and here he is methodically settling a grudge that burned like … Continue reading “Links on Friday: Roy Keane”

Ten years of Links on Friday

This week marks the ten year anniversary of this blog making the internet worse. Cue a series of unprecedented navel gazing posts – thanks for reading, team.  Ten years: Banners / NEWSDESK / Cartoons / Links on Friday This is the 127th post tagged ‘Links on Friday’ – hopefully the extensive yet sporadic coverage of Roy Keane, Kevin … Continue reading “Ten years of Links on Friday”

Links on Friday

The Guardian’s Word Cup: 25 Stunning Moments series is top class, going long on the great tournament’s best / grubbiest bits. Roy Keane walking out in Ireland is my fav so far, ‘cos it has fav Keano lore, with the backstory to one of the great sporting quotes: “You can stick it up your bollocks.” Bonus … Continue reading “Links on Friday”

Links on Friday

Roy Keane scares the living shit out of a press gallery. He’s just doing it for fun now. Steve Waugh, another scary look master, makes direct contact with batsman’s head using a ball. Watch it in slo mo, look how QUICKLY he gets over causing harm to his opponent, and instead, gets into pissed-off, hands-on-fucking-hips … Continue reading “Links on Friday”

Links on Friday (on Saturday)

Fancy a spot of the old ultra violence? Go to YouTube and search ‘Roy Keane’ and ‘tackle’. Exhibit A. Exhibit B. He’s even handy with the verbals too. What a guy. Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink didn’t mind scoring loads of goals against Tottenham. doesn’t mind posting clips that make Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink look like an … Continue reading “Links on Friday (on Saturday)”

Links on Friday (on Sunday)

– 50 greatest sporting insults – There’s some crackers here, like “There’s no way you are good enough to play for England.” “Maybe not, but at least I’m the best cricketer in my family”, directed at Mark Waugh – Keano takes Sunderland to Ireland – OK, so *#@!$% Sunderland beat Spurs this morning (yes, thanks … Continue reading “Links on Friday (on Sunday)”