Links on Friday

There wasn’t a dry eye in the house when Graeme Smith came out bat in Sydney with his broken arm, but Neil McKenzie isn’t impresesed by such heroics. In fairness, it seems Smith has some form in this area. tribute to nerds who upload their xbox moves to the Internet: here’s an amazing goal, a ball / face coming together, a player DYING (complete with loving replays), and a double slide tackle. I need to get my PlayStation out again.

This video is called ‘The worst football tackle ever?’ Yes. Yes, it is.

Think you know comedy? You haven’t been to comedy school.

* It’s been a cracking first week of the Stalkipedia, team, with stalksĀ  on Chris and LanceĀ  Cairns, Damien Martin, Frank Bunce, Jimmy Floyd Hasslebaink, Richie Richardson and Trevor Chappell added. Check out Farley’s encounter with Frank Bunce, it’s awesome – get in there.