Wasting the Aussies is fun and I would like more please

The Chappell-Hadlee is basically Game Of Thrones at this stage. Two families. Leaders of men. Saying ‘who the fuck is that?’ a lot (about Australia). Arse grabbing. This year’s edition over three battles had everything – monstering the Ockers at Eden Park was as cathartic at punching an annoying sparrow who woke you up too … Continue reading “Wasting the Aussies is fun and I would like more please”

Welcome to Worry Week, brought to you by France

Now we have an angst main to go with a selection of angsty sides for the table. If  the All Blacks’ form being shakier than Clive Woodward’s grasp on reality wasn’t bad enough, now we’ve got you-know-who, you-know-where in the first knockout. New Zealanders are jittery enough during rugby world cups without this kind of shit. Otherwise … Continue reading “Welcome to Worry Week, brought to you by France”

Taranaki man’s RWC blame list nears completion

NEWS: New  Plymouth resident Mike Neckwrench feels his Rugby World Cup 2015 blame list is in ‘a really good place’, with most names penciled in six weeks out from the tournament. Mike Neckwrench of Taranaki spends much of his leisure time compiling rugby world cup blame lists and lives alone. Neckwrench, who has prepared blame … Continue reading “Taranaki man’s RWC blame list nears completion”

Links on Friday

Couple of Tottenham links to get Our Year underway – here’s Harry Kane with a casual run and edge of the box screamer in first pre-season run. sportreview.net.nz reaction – “Woof,” and “that’s great but please can we have another striker to go with him? Thanks.” From the Guardian’s tremendous Golden Goal series – a … Continue reading “Links on Friday”

QUIZ: Can you tell a Young Adult Dystopian Novel from Kearnsey’s commentary?

Pop quiz time – are the following quotes from: A: A work of Young Adult fiction set in a post-apocalyptic world, or B: Ex-Wallaby skipper and TV colour commentator Phil Kearns’ call from the New South Wales Warratahs v Otago Highlanders Super Rugby Semi Final? “Am I the only one who sees the truth, the … Continue reading “QUIZ: Can you tell a Young Adult Dystopian Novel from Kearnsey’s commentary?”

World Cup Cloud City

South Africa 2010 was a weird-balled-vuvuzala-d-goal-free mess really. Luckily Brazil 2014 seems to be the antidote. We’ve had fantastic goals, like Van Persie’s rainbow header and Tim Cahill’s left foot thunderbolt, tremendous discipline-related incidents and some fantasy results. From the moment the Official FIFA app spoilt the Netherlands v Spain second-half result I was MySkying to Germany cheerfully and … Continue reading “World Cup Cloud City”